Report Card Module


Calculate Grade Distribution

Calculate averages for teachers grade distribution

Note: Printout is not identified, you must manually mark each page


Open Report Card Module.
From the Edit menu select Bin(s) to View/Edit...
Select Bin(s), 1 through 6, that will be used in the calculation
Click OK
Select all Classes
Under Marks, select Recalculate Class Averages (click Yes to sort question).
Select the bin(s) to include in calculation.
Full Time Schools
MP1 = Bin 1: MP2 = Bin 2: Midterm Exam = Bin 3
MP3 = Bin 4: MP4 = Bin 5: Final Exam = Bin 6
Share Time Schools
MP1 = Bin 1: MP2 = Bin 2: MP3 = Bin 3: MP4 = Bin 4
Click OK ­ this sometimes takes a few minutes (click Yes to sort question).
Select teachers to be included in the report (hold shift and click one teacher, then un-check the secretaries, etc).
Under Reports, select Grade Distribution Report.
Leave Include No Marks in Percentage unchecked.
Check Use Percent Ranges.
Select Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12 (also 13 for PGs). Leave Include Inactive Students unchecked .
Select class term(s) 1, 2, 3 or 4. Leave Include Classes with no Marks unchecked.
Check Print the Report by Teacher.
Check Include Grand Total.
Use the following table:

Click OK to run report
Repeat steps for all desired bin(s).
(Click here to see Entire Grade Distribution dialog box)

Note: Page Setup should be 83%, Landscape (sideways)

If a student's grade level is N/A, they will not show up in the distribution list.
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