MCVSD Career Center

A New Jersey star school for vocational high school students

Principal:  Dr. Thomas Sansevero

Vice Principal:  Mr. Nathan Kraemer

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Entry Process -  Students must take part in an eight-day prevocational evaluation prior to being admitted into the school.  Child study teams from the home school submit an application for this prevocational evaluation.  The evaluation is free to sending districts and is used to help place students in areas of interest should they enter the school.

Exploration - Upon entering, students take part in an “exploration” program.  Students attend the morning session and are placed in four different vocational areas, one per marking period.

Training -  Usually the year after exploration, upon receiving a teacher recommendation, students are placed in a training program.  They attend the afternoon session, stay in one shop all year, and receive more specialized training in a specific vocational training area that will hopefully lead to further education or entry-level employment.


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Attendance at the CC is on a “shared-time basis.”  Students return to home schools for academic instruction and participation in extra-curricular activities.

All training hopefully leads to an opportunity for employment.

School to Work staff assist Career Center students in finding employment in their junior and senior years.