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Distance Learning

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MCVSD Distance Learning:

The Monmouth County Vocational School District (MCVSD) has continued to expand its use of Distance Learning in our 4-year career academies and our shared-time vocational schools. Using a combination of curriculum-linked programming from commercial content providers, as well as collaborations with other schools across the country, our students have used distance learning to:

- converse in Spanish and French with other high schools in Spain and Canada

- observe live coronary bypass and knee replacement surgeries while asking real-time questions of the surgical team performing the operations

- participate in the annual "Read Across America" celebration with schools in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts

- discuss poetry and music from the Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance, as well as hear and see it performed live

- enact Greek and Roman myths for collaboration partners

- make a virtual visit to a school some of our students were considering attending post-secondary

- deliver hands-on lessons in the culinary arts

We are committed to continued expansion of our distance learning communication with partners around the world. If you are interested in collaborating with a particular discipline in any of our schools (see other pages on the MCVSD website) please contact Sandy Wolgast, Distance Learning Coordinator, by phone (732-431-7245, x2627) or by email ( MCVSD uses both IP and ISDN technologies to connect distance learning sessions.

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