CLASS Academy

Full Time

Sending High Schools:

  • Holmdel
  • Long Branch
  • Long Branch Alternative
  • Manasquan
  • Middletown North
  • Middletown South
  • Monmouth Regional
  • Neptune
  • Ocean Township
  • Red Bank Regional
  • Shore Regional
  • Wall Township

School Profile

Monmouth County Vocational School District's CLASS Academy is a small, alternative high school for at-risk students located at 537 Tinton Avenue, in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The program has served the communities and families of Monmouth County for nearly two decades, helping hundreds of young adults achieve academic success through a personalized school culture that reflects individual students' interests, talents and needs. At every level within the school – student, teacher, counselor, administrator – uniqueness is celebrated, engaged and respected. In such an environment, respect helps foster motivation, and motivation helps bring achievement. Students experience success at CLASS Academy through small, modified block-scheduled classes in an adult environment that is conducive to learning and the strengthening of positive behaviors, work habits, and study skills.

Building on this culture of diversity and personalization, CLASS Academy continues to explore alternative avenues to achievement through a variety of new approaches that fulfill New Jersey's requirements for high school graduation. These alternative approaches provide multiple pathways for students to meet high school graduation requirements and helps prepare them for either a college education or a career in the workforce after earning their high school diploma. Options include enrollment in college courses that can be used for both high school and college credit, enrollment in technical training, or participation in structured learning experiences.



Application to the CLASS Academy program is made through the student's home high school. Students who wish to apply to the program complete an application package with their parent or guardian, and their home school guidance counselor. The counselor forwards the completed application to the appropriate CLASS Academy administrator for an eligibility determination. Eligibility is determined using a number of factors, including but not limited to the following: behind schedule for graduation; non-violent; average or above academic potential; at risk of failing or dropping out of school based on any combination of factors including poor attendance, not following traditional school rules and policies, alienated or apathetic toward traditional schooling, or negative school experience. If the eligibility determination is favorable, a CLASS Academy guidance counselor will contact the student's parent/guardian to schedule an interview.

Upon acceptance into the program, all incoming students undergo diagnostic testing to help determine their academic needs and strengths. The purpose of this diagnostic testing is to develop an individual curriculum plan for each student, and in some cases, superior performance on diagnostic tests can lead to credit recovery, which can help students "catch up" academically and graduate on time.


Class Academy Mission Statement

CLASS Academy's mission is to provide an exciting learning environment where all students are empowered to achieve academic and personal success in an adult setting. Students achieve success through flexible class schedules, small class sizes, an integrated life skills curriculum, and varied instructional strategies, resulting in a timely completion of graduation requirements.

Mission Statement for MCVSD Alternative Secondary Programs

Monmouth County Vocational School District's Alternative Secondary Programs help students in need of a non-traditional educational environment build academic and workplace readiness skills within an atmosphere of mutual respect, collaboration, and accountability. Students are encouraged to become socially responsible citizens with a desire for lifelong learning through a program of career and technical education focused on independent life beyond high school.

MCVSD Goals for Alternative Secondary Programs

  1. Enhance and strengthen employability skills.
  2. Enhance curriculum and instruction through increased academic rigor in alignment with 21st Century Skills and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
  3. Provide the opportunity for students to become socially responsible citizens with a desire for lifelong learning.


  1. CLASS Academy Overview
    1. Alternative high school program within MCVSD
    2. Maximum enrollment: 80
    3. Number of sending high schools 2012: 12
    4. Number of sending district/communities served: 18
    5. Modified block scheduling
    6. Student/Teacher Ratio: 10.4:1
    7. Class of 2011: 39 students
    8. Class of 2012: 44 students
    9. Class of 2013: 56 students
    10. Tuition: $560/month, plus transportation costs
  2. Academics
    1. Standards-driven curricula
    2. Emphasis on individualized instruction
    3. Flexible student schedules
    4. All students are TABE tested upon acceptance
    5. Students can recover credit based on test results
    6. Student schedules based on transcripts/TABE results
    7. Program utilizes Option 2 approach to meet state graduation requirements in Physical Education and Foreign Language
    8. College enrollment options for eligible seniors
  3. Career Preparation
    1. All student are enrolled in some CTE or Shared Time vocational program. Currently, 6 students are enrolled in programs outside of CLASS Academy:
      1. PC/MA
      2. Culinary
      3. Auto Mechanics
      4. Electricity
    2. CLASS Academy's CTE program: Visual Communications and Multimedia Design
      1. Specific CTE Competencies: Basic Computer Literacy, Multimedia Design, Visual Literacy, Conceptual Design Process, Color Theory, Typography
      2. Three course program, followed by NOCTI competency test
  4. Class of 2012 Higher Education Placement for Full-Time CLASS Academy Students
    1. Four Year: 1
    2. Two Year: 17
    3. Voc/Tech School: 3
    4. Full Time Employment: 13
    5. Military: 3
    6. Other: 7
  5. 2012-13 Program Initiatives and Goals
    1. Implement/Pilot new Teacher and Principal Evaluation System
    2. Restructure SPDCs
    3. Follow through with 2012-13 student learning and PD goals

School Anti-Bullying Specialist:

Melinda Kelley

ABR School and District Grade Report
CLASS Academy- 68
District Grade- 61

NJ School Performance Report Summary HERE