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Aberdeen Location:

450 Atlantic Avenue, Aberdeen 07747


Phone: 732-566-5599
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Nicholas Keefe

High School Program Description

This two-year HIGH SCHOOL program will provide students with hands-on instruction in a variety of welding and metal fabrication processes. Students learn techniques in shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, and flux cored arc welding. Welding related cutting processes covered include: oxy-fuel gas and plasma arc cutting. Upon completion students are prepared for careers in construction, fabrication, and repair of industrial and transportation equipment, including cars, ships, pleasure crafts and aircraft. They are also qualified for employment in the area of structural welding, including the fabrication of bridges, steel structures, pipelines, and boilers. Area industries provide students with work-based welding experience. Students are encouraged to become members of the American Welding Society (AWS) and successful graduates may receive AWS Certification.

Career Pathways


Program Skills And Tasks


Important Qualities

High School Credits Earned

Welding  1 10 credits
CTE Math I 5 credits
CTE Science I 5 credits
Welding 2 10 credits
CTE Math II 5 credits
CTE Science II 5 credits

TOTAL: 40 Credits

Certificates Upon Graduation:

Monmouth County Vocational School Program Certificate