COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for all the messages to our COVID-19 email address ( We wanted to address some of the most common ones. Questions about individual buildings/programs are best directed at your student’s principal.


Q: What options will be offered for children who have high-risk family members or those families who want their students to attend remotely?

A: The Governor allowed all parents and families to be able to access 100% virtual learning. We shared a letter this week about our process (MCVSD Virtual Learning). Please contact your building principal if you have any questions.


Q: What are the factors that would make the MCVSD change from hybrid to all-remote or back?

A: There is no greater priority than the health and safety of our students, families, and staff. We continue to work closely with the Monmouth County Health Department and follow their direction to keep our schools safe.


Q: How will you handle transportation? Will there be bussing?

A: Bussing services will continue to be provided by resident districts. We have been working closely with them to support our students’ access to our programs. They can best address questions about safety protocols.


Q: How does staggering dismissal work? Will your programs run their regular times?

A: We expect all our schools and programs to run their regular hours of operation, including shared-time. To prevent student gatherings and hallway congestion, we will stagger the transition of classes and dismissal so everyone can leave on time safely.


Q: Will there be signage about social distancing?

A: All our buildings will have signage to support social distancing, effective mask use, and health habits. Additionally, all students and staff will receive training on how to socially distance, use masks, and stay healthy.


Q: How will lunch be handled?

A: For the programs that offer lunch service, we will be working with our vendors to adopt the recommendations required by the NJ Department of Education guidance and provide Free & Reduced Lunch access to those students who qualify. During lunch, students will be expected to maintain their social distance while eating & drinking. Free & Reduced Lunch applications are available on our website: English/Español


Q: How are A & B groups being divided? Will siblings be grouped together?

A: Each program is developing a plan based on the needs of their program and/or the student graduation requirements. We understand the barriers staggered school attendance creates for families and where we can, and if transportation allows, we will attempt reasonable accommodations.


Q: Will computers and/or internet access be available to students who need it?

A: We will have computers and internet access points available for all students who need them in our full-time programs. The MCVSD will support those students in our shared-time programs, who are not provided with a device and/or internet access from their resident district.