CTE Success Stories

2/4/2020 –Career and Technical Education (CTE) Success Stories in the MCVSD

Francesca Cocchi, CHS, Journalism, Creative Writing, Visual Communications

Woman standing in front of sign reading "Food Network Cooking Channel".

My education at CHS played a major role in my academic and career success The exposure to creative careers—print production, photography, visual communications, etc.—I got at CHS stayed with me. At CHS, I learned that I didn’t have to settle for just any job. I could turn my talents into a fulfilling career. CHS also prepared me in logistical ways. My mentorship at the Asbury Park Press turned into a college internship, and the clips from that internship helped me land my first full-time job as an editorial assistant at Food Network Magazine. Thanks to CHS, I was a well-rounded candidate for any communications job.
-Francesca Cocchi, CHS, Journalism, Creative Writing, Visual Communications

Dan Cirminiello, CHS, Digital Video, Radio and TV Production

A man sitting at a desk in front of a large screen, working on a computer.

The different selection of elective classes Communications High School (MCVSD) offered such as Digital Video, Radio and TV Production not only sparked my interest in the field, but helped set my career path and trajectory in live sports TV and in-arena production. But it all started with my education, training and opportunities Communications High School provided me.
-Dan Cirminiello, CHS, Digital Video, Radio and TV Production

Josh Keller, MAST, Marine Science

I graduated from the Marine Academy of Science and Technology in 2015. Since then I’ve completed my bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences and received a minor in computer science. During college I was the president of an environmental diving club, where we’ve expanded now to an international organization I am returning to for work. Since graduating Eckerd College, I recently finished a 6 month internship becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, learning all aspects of the dive industry from actually teaching down to daily air compressor management and maintenance. During my time in Key Largo, outside the internship, I also aided in designing the world’s first closed circuit recreational rebreather and am currently working on programming the computer for it. All of this work I’ve done I would have never been able to do without my amazing foundation at MAST. The intensity of the courses taught in high school at a college level prepared me not only in the knowledge and information I needed to pass my classes with ease, but also the time management and planning skills I needed to be able to do so much outside of class and still get my work done. Having a great basis in computer technology was also a leg up in this growing world of the digital revolution. I used my knowledge of AutoCAD I learned my sophomore year to adapt to Fusion360 to design the rebreather parts. Even the NJROTC helped with me having the discipline and attitude to complete all the grunt work the first few grueling months of the internship, in dedication to my finished reward of being an MSDT with over 20 distinctive certifications I can teach. MAST did an amazing job of preparing my marine science knowledge, time management skills, computer skills, and discipline, not only for the collegiate level, but for my professional life as well. As prepare to start my next job in marine conservation and activism, every skill in my repertoire was either founded or severely bolstered by attending such a fine academy.
-Josh Keller, MAST, Marine Science

Hope Cahill, Career Center, Landscape/Turf Training

A woman in a laboratory surrounded by plants growing on a tray.

Hope joined the Landscape/Turf Training Program in 2011 after spending the previous year in the Floral Training Program. She quickly showed that she was very interested in what was being introduced and she excelled with her abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Hope came in wanting to learn and was very enthusiastic. Hope was elected as Vice-President of our Monmouth County Vocational FFA Chapter her Junior year and her Senior year she was elected President. After graduation from the Career Center and Monmouth Regional High School she spent two years serving as a State FFA Officer, one as the State Reporter and the second as the State FFA President and has also worked various jobs in the green industry. Currently Hope is studying at Brookdale Community College in the Elementary Education, Middle School & Second Ed Option. She will be graduating in December of 2020 with her majors. Her current job is with the Monmouth County Parks System and her position there is a Park Naturalist.
-Hope Cahill, Career Center, Landscape/Turf Training

Isaac Nahama, Career Center, Building Services

A young man in a blue jacket and shirt.

Graduating class of 2016- Building Services
Isaac obtained a job at Home Depot while enrolled at the Career Center. Isaac currently a full time employee at the store with hopes of becoming manager.
-Isaac Nahama, Career Center, Building Services

Matthew Blevins, Career Center, Building Services

A young man in a black hoodie and white shirt.

Graduating class of 2017-Building Services
Matthew is currently enrolled at Midlands Technology School in South Carolina. Matthew is studying Building Construction Technology.
-Matthew Blevins, Career Center, Building Services

Michael Oppen, Career Center, Building Services

A young man in a red shirt smiling.

Graduating class of 2017-Building Services
Michael is currently employed with the Freehold Township School District. Michael is a full time maintenance employee at the West Freehold Elementary School.
-Michael Oppen, Career Center, Building Services

Evan Yasser, Career Center, Marketing Education

A young man in a black jacket sitting on a chair.

Through some hockey connections and people who like him, Evan is taking his hobby of calling sports games professional. He is going to be on the radio team with Devils broadcasters on December 3rd! In preparation, he went up to Binghamton NY the other week and called the entire Binghamton Devils game on tape by himself. The woman putting this together is executive director of the American Special Hockey Association, and she wants to push our kids to be the best “them” they can be.
-Evan Yasser, Career Center, Marketing Education

Harley Suter, Career Center, Office Occupations

A woman wearing a graduation gown stands in a kitchen, symbolizing success.

Harley went to Brookdale CC and earned an Associates Degree in education. She furthered her education at Georgian Court University and has been substitute teaching in local school districts. Prior to the substitute positions, she worked at Staples for over five years.
-Harley Suter, Career Center, Office Occupations

Vishwala Kasbekar, AAHS

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I was a determined child. Even as a child I knew I wanted to be a physician. As I grew up, I made sure that I took every opportunity available to explore this dream, which included going to a career academy high school that was geared towards the medical-sciences, The Academy of Allied Health and Science (AAHS). I was part of the first graduating class of AAHS in 2000. AAHS was a diamond in the rough at the time that I enrolled. I was hardworking and goal-oriented student while at AAHS. I trained to become an EMT, worked on a first aid squad, and took part in all of the clinical experiences that were available to students. Our teachers at AAHS empowered us to be successful and helped us achieve our goals whether they included a clinical career or not. Our curriculum was rigorous and it set up a great foundation. We had more group projects and presentations than my counterparts at a regular high school. It was here that I realized the importance of teamwork, one’s ability to communicate effectively, and taking pride in your work. The intellectual curiosity that began while at AAHS allowed me to succeed in my undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester in Neuroscience, then in my Masters in Public Health in International Health at George Washington University, and finally my medical degree at St. George’s University. I truly believe that if one is afforded the opportunity to succeed and shown how from a young age they are able to achieve anything that is in their journey. In the end as a physician I use all that I have learned and experienced to help treat my patients and make an impact on the community in which I live and work. John C. Maxwell once said, “Every worthwhile accomplishment has a price tag attached to it. The question is always whether you are willing to pay the price to attain it—in hard work, sacrifice, patience, faith, and endurance.” Becoming an Internal Medicine-Pediatrics physician is an accomplishment that I have always believed to be worthwhile and its start was at The Academy of Allied Health and Science
-Vishwala Kasbekar, AAHS