Information Sessions & Open House

Career Academy (AAHS, BTHS, CHS, HTHS, MAST)

Welcome to the virtual Information Sessions for the MCVSD Career Academy Class of 2025.

Please plan to spend 30 minutes viewing the remote information session(s). Included on this page are individual school profiles that provides specific information related to course offerings and sequence. Also included are links to each career academy website for more detailed information.

Click the link below

There are 3 sections to the remote information session.

  1. MCVSD Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent Message.
  2. View the Video for the school you are interested in.
  3. View the Admissions Video
  4. Submit the Google Form: This will serve as documentation you viewed the video for the school you are applying to.

Each Academy will host a remote information session. Remote information sessions will be hosted via pre-recorded video providing specific information about the school such as the curriculum offered, student life, and parent and community partnerships.

Applicants will be required to watch the remote information session in order to apply. Remote information sessions will be available November 1 – December 4, 2020. At the conclusion of each academy video, interested applicants will be directed to another online video outlining the admissions and application process. Students will be required to submit a Google registration form that will serve as documentation that the applicant viewed the video. All applications submitted will be confirmed in order to document the applicant has met the information session requirement. Applications submitted without a record of viewing the video (registration form) will be withdrawn. The application will be available after November 1, 2020.

Career Academy Application HERE

Career Academy School Profile

Academy of Allied Health and Science (AAHS) HERE

Biotechnology High School (BTHS) HERE

Communications High School (CHS) HERE

High Technology High School (HTHS) HERE

Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) HERE

Admissions Information HERE

Career Academy Website and Contact Information 

AAHS Website: 732-775-0058

BTHS Website: 732-431-7208

CHS Website:    732-681-1010

HTHS Website:    732-842-8444

MAST Website:  732-291-0995

Application or Admissions Questions: 732-431-7942 x6291

Directions to MCVSD Locations HERE