Marine Trades

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Aberdeen Location:

450 Atlantic Avenue, Aberdeen 07747


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Mr. Kevin Alloco

High School Program Description

This two-year HIGH SCHOOL program will provide a solid foundation in all of the structural, mechanical and electrical systems found in marine watercraft. Troubleshooting and repair are emphasized. Students will be able to disassemble and rebuild inboard and outboard engines, out drives, electrical and trailer components. Complete hull maintenance and care procedures are covered. Marine engine preventive measures will be addressed with emphasis on spring commissions and winterization.

Career Pathways


  • Structural hull and finish technician
  • Boat yard operations
  • Engine service technician
  • Marine engine service
  • Heavy equipment/ commercial marine
  • Engine Re-builder

Military Service

  • Ship Propulsion Mechanic
  • Small boat mechanic
  • Advanced ranks

Program Skills And Tasks

  • Engine and drive preventive maintenance
  • Fuel system service
  • Lubrication service
  • Outdrive service
  • Outboard engine tune-up
  • Engine rebuilding
  • Diagnostics utilizing computer controls
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Inboard engine tune-up
  • Trailer service
  • On board systems
  • Steering systems
  • Seasonal procedures

Important Qualities

Interpersonal skills. Marine trade technicians must work closely with co-workers and customers.

Organizational skills. Marine trade technicians must have excellent organizational skills. They should have the correct tools to perform required technical tasks.

Continuing Education

  • Brookdale Community College
  • Marine Mechanics Institute
  • Automotive Training Center/Marine Division
  • WyoTech

High School Credits Earned

Level 1
Marine Trades and Tech 110 credits
CTE Math I5 credits
CTE Science I5 credits

Level 2
Marine Trades and Tech 210 credits
CTE Math II5 credits
CTE Science II5 credits

TOTAL:40 Credits

Certificates Upon Graduation

Monmouth County Vocational School Program Certificate
Skills Profile

Additional Information

NJ AVERAGE WAGES- $56,000.00 (as of 2015)