Congratulations to 2019 MCVSD Teacher/Educational Specialist of the year

May 23, 2019

Pictured Left to Right– Superintendent Timothy McCorkell, William Fetherman (MAST), Lisa Franciosi (Career Center), Vincenzo Spadavecchia (Freehold), Jenna Sauer (ALPS), Stefanie Garguilo (AAHS), Sabina Campbell (CHS), Ray St. Denis (Career Center), Ellen Jaspan (CEC/Neptune), Melinda Kelley (Class), Diana Laczny (BTHS), Frances Finley (HTHS), Victoria McPeak (MAST), Assistant Superintendent Charles Ford, Jr., Ed.D, Raymond Eng (HTHS).

Not pictured Marjorie Cavalier (AAHS), Jamie Krauter (BTHS).